Stormwind University-Live, pg. 11
24th Feb 2018, 6:58 PM in Stormwind University
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Stormwind University-Live, pg. 11
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Wintersbite (Guest)
Yaaaaaay! Brett's back!
Yep! Just a bit slow due to health issues but the comic and its author are still very much alive.
Mags (Guest)
1st panel...why did the SW security guard call (oh dang, already forgot his name)...healer, gnome, kind of cute old him 'Father'?

last rows...why did the human warrior (of sorts) need an energy, of sorts, drink to take out someone a quarter his size?

lastly...thank you for the birthday present. I love it. (now, everyone else can guess what I'm talking about). (giggles in childish delight and runs away before anyone can answer)
Pocksii is a priest of the Light. His title is Father. The guard used it as a sign of respect.

Pocksii is a cute old fart, isn't he? I look forward to working with him more in the comic.

The jerkwad (hee hee) used a strength potion to enhance his ability to punt Chara. The potion caused the kick to be much stronger than a typical kick. That's why Chara's injuries are so extensive. Well, that and her inexperience with combat.

And it was my pleasure to provide you with the only birthday present I could. :)
Mags (Guest)
Thank you for the correction of Pocksii, was a little confused after the previous panel where we met his daughter.

Yep, he is a cute old fart.

And Brett dear, at my age in life, this was a wonderful birthday present. I have tried teaching my kids that heart gifts are way better than gifts gotten with money.
Mags (Guest)
So, why did the jerkwad who is 100 times bigger than Chara need a strength potion? Is the big ole bully to weak to boot a cute & adorable widdle gnome wiff out no help? (bites lips as she walks away).