Stormwind University-Live, pg. 10
30th Sep 2017, 4:00 PM in Stormwind University
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Stormwind University-Live, pg. 10
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Mags (Guest)
Interesting question Pocksii, what's going to be your answer to a simple running kick injuring Chara?

Let me think.

BIG human who has BIG feet and appears to likely have been a warrior, full of hate and anger.

Versus, an adorable, sweet, naive gnome that;
1. Might not work out.
2. There might be an underlining cause.
3. Or a warped, ornery, mischievious writer who has something else up his sleeve.

Which brings up the question as to why the fire shield didn't protect her more.

I don't know my medical well enough to devel deeper into these questions, but I'll go with #3 above and an idiotic human. Throw in some underlining cause too.

Thinking back onto how Houdini died, if Chara did not work out, then her abdominal muscles would not been strong enough to act as a shield; being not trained in combat would make her slow on calling up the fire spell. (FYI, Houdini was unprepared for a blow he received to his abdomin that ultimately caused his appendix to rupture.)
Mags (Guest)
Took a while but I may have figured it out. :D

Chara is a toon that has been around FOREVER (64 years), yet, she has no battle training. Thus, a higher ranking fighter could penetrate her shield and do damage.

Am I right?
Do I get chocoalte now fir it? :D
You're close, Mags, close enough for me to reward you with chocolate. The reason will be revealed next comic. :)