Stormwind University-Live, pg. 9
1st Sep 2017, 5:16 PM in Stormwind University
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Stormwind University-Live, pg. 9
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Author Notes:
A big comic where Chara's injuries are revealed.
User comments:
Mags (Guest)
Wow, I gotta find out what the gnomes youthful, beauty cream is.

So, with her being a gnome, she gonna have a widdle bitty scar?
They gonna do micro surgery with micro instruments?
Do gnomes recover on adult wards in adult beds or pediatric wards where there are smaller beds?

I better stop before I get wacked by Pommie. :D
Gnomes age half as slow as humans so she's 32 in human years. Not so old for a gnome.

Oh, you like her youthful look and want to try the beauty cream she uses? No problem! I'll send Sparcle over with her special blend! It opens the pores and removes dead skin gently giving you great looking skin!

As far as the rest, I'd answer but Pommie is giving me one of THOSE looks. Okay, I'd answer one. No microsurgery with microscopic instruments. Just small ones ones. :D

So, removing the gallbladder has to be done the old way. Fortunately, there is healing magic involved so Chara is in for a short recovery time of 4 weeks with a barely visible scar. An itsy bitsy little sc- OW! Dang it, Pommie!
GeeGee (Guest)
Trig I love the comics!! GeeGee is in line to give blood to her cousin Chara. Pommie and Chara are perfect!
Thanks Geegee!

I've gotten a great deal of joy from making this comic. Pommie is wonderful to work with and Chara, whom I play, always seems to give a little bit more to the camera than any of my other characters, excepting Trigonometry, of course. =)