Stormwind University-Live, pg. 8
21st Jul 2017, 5:12 PM in Stormwind University
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Stormwind University-Live, pg. 8
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Wonder how ya got the upchuck so good?

Hope you're feeling better.
Quickly and far from the splash radius, Mags. :)

And I am feeling a bit better. Thanks for the well wishes. :)
That means internal injuries!

Imma kill that human.
Good catch, Pommie!

That blood definitely means internal injuries. Don't worry though. Chara is in great hands.

Your part of the webcomic is coming up. You better finish your makeup!

Checking lightbots A and F...
Mags (Guest)
Soooo, gnomes have green blood?

Well, TECHNICALLY, internal injuries would be indicated by red upchuck. And since its green, I'm guessing its more damage to her gall bladder since that usually comes up green. If damage to her gall bladder, she's going to have to be on a bland diet for a bit.

And if a certain black haired, blue eyed gnome we all care about and love is colored blind............
I love my intelligent readers! <3

Mags, you are correct. The vomit should have been reddish due to Chara's blood.

The problem was the picture looked more like diarrhea when I painted it with red and green mixed. It all looked shit brown.


So, I went with making the vomit green like bile, with a red blood section. Unfortunately, the red section got cropped out.

Looking back, I should have added a new red section but had decided that my readers would understand what the green splash was. Even if they did tease me later. ^^

As far as Chara's internal injuries, I did a bit of research to keep it realistic. (Yeah, I'm a nerd.) Rest assured I'm not pulling a bunch of symptoms out of the air.

Poor Chara. She certainly gets hurt a lot. But, she's tough and in very good hands. I'd worry more about the jerk who kicked her. hee hee
Oh! Silly me. I forgot to mention you are right about the gallbladder damage.

Based on the last few pages, do you have some other guesses on what is wrong with Chara, Mags?
I hope the sucker puncher gets what's coming to him. Blind siding makes my angry. :3 <--Can't tell with this face but I am.
You'll see!

*whistles innocently*
Mags (Guest)
Let me guess...
gnome; small stature
male human; HUGE feet
shield did NOT protect cute widdle gnomie reporter.
impact of overly huge feet propelled cute widdle gnome report backwards X amount of distance.
besides green upchuck there is red splatterings on hand.
gall bladder located right below left rib cage-more toward the front of the attacker's foot. Heal of said foot, where most of the damage would have occurred, would be more toward the liver.
Possible damage to ribs also.
depending on how the gray matter is working in our black haired blue eyed gnome (Brett), I would also guess bruising to the lungs and heart.

Am I close?
Bravo! You should have been a detective, Mags!

You reasoned it out well. In fact, everything you said was correct. *claps*

But...there are two details you overlooked. You'll see what I mean on the next page when Pocksii gets his report.
Mags (Guest)
Oh! Oh! Oh! I just thought of a good punishment for da human (chuckles maniacally) race change!!
Make him a gnome. :D

Ha! :D

Not sayin' because I expect SWU-LIve to conclude soon. You'll see what happens. :)