Stormwind University Live, pg.1
1st Mar 2017, 5:25 PM in Stormwind University
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Stormwind University Live, pg.1
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Author Notes:
A collaboration with the multi-talented Pommie Tappet!
User comments:
Pommie Tappet (Guest)
Seriously Trig, I'm not THAT talented. But I am happy and honored to be working on this with you!
Oh shush and learn to take a compliment. :P

Plus, if I keep buttering you up maybe you'll send me some of your cooking. *drool*
Mags (Guest)
Gnomes no suck. You still have your ankles don't yeah?
If we did suck, you would not have them. :P
Hahahaha Mags. Actually, there's a small debate regarding if (kinky) gnomes suck or if they blow. Maybe you can add your perspective into the discussion.