Should Have Read The Small Print
21st Feb 2017, 5:11 PM in Heroes of the Storm
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Should Have Read The Small Print
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Author Notes:
I may or may not have done this.... *whistles innocently*
User comments:
Metaphore (Guest)
In my case I did it right first time so I got it without any long fluffy bunny adventure with butterfiles.
Yes, you did do this. You did. Don't deny it.

(Says Valla)
Aww, no butterflies? I'll see if I can grab a net and bring some back for you.

Ever wonder why they are called butterflies? They don't have anything to do with butter and they aren't flies.

Personally, I think they should be called Flutterbyes because that's what they do. They flutter bye.
Mags (Guest)
So, are we getting bored and thus 'thinking outside of the box' more?

I neeeeeverrrrrr do dat at all!

(falls on floor, holding sides, laughing with tears rolling down face.)
No, not me. I'd never do anything like that.