The Stupid Mysterious Ways of Archmages
7th Feb 2017, 2:12 PM in BPV - Humorous
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The Stupid Mysterious Ways of Archmages
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Author Notes:
Khadgar really didn't think this one through. :)
User comments:
Zoreli (Guest)
I was disappointed that Death Knights didn't actually have a conversation like this. I did the quest line on my Warlock first and, when you deliver Light's Heart to the demon-filled corner of the Twisting Nether the Warlocks call a class hall, one of the demons actually says, "Hey, boss, you're not actually going to store that here, are you? I mean, you're joking, right? Right!?"
Glitterspaz (Guest)
Awesome, just awesome.
Wait 'til he tells the locks the same thing. Y'know, the folks with the class hall in the demon zone.
The death knight's order hall is a floating pyramid with a bunch of half dead individuals walking around.

Me tinks Khadgar needs to be checked for dementia of sorts.
Greenhooves (Guest)
Hah. At least you don't have to worry about the animals marking it like we do at the Hunter Lodge.