Hello Again!
30th Jan 2017, 9:45 AM in Miscellaneous Stuff
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Hello Again!
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Author Notes:
Yes! Gnomeregan Forever the Comic Series is back!
User comments:
Wintersbite (Guest)
Wooooot! Great to have you back.
YEAH! Its back. (happy gnomie dance)

Dealing with life's kwap doesn't permit us the luxury of sticking to a schedule like we would. Thus, your friends who are aware of the issues you are going through will understand the erradict posting of your fantastic, superb comics.

You are what's important. A Little of Brett is far better than none of Brett.

Ergo, do what you can as you can. The rest of us can keep clicking on our bookmarks every week until the comics change. Then we will also "devour" (inside issue here folks, sorry) your comics.
Hooray!! Every one of your comics are presents for gnomes! *shoots off fireworks*
Mitten (Guest)
Hooray!! *Hurries to get caught up*