Comic 85 - Well, It's True!

16th Sep 2014, 9:57 AM in Gnomeregan Forever Extras
Well, It's True!
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Trigonometry 16th Sep 2014, 9:57 AM edit delete
Trigonometry meets Unami, Zanduppy, and Shaadhon from Kibble & Bit and engages in some small conversation (heh).

I had a lot of fun painting the background. It made me think back to my early college days of painting with oils and acrylics *mumble* years ago only without the smell of turpentine and the expense. :D

P.S. Thanks Linola for letting me make this. Go Team Linola!
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Thorngrove 16th Sep 2014, 3:29 PM edit delete reply
My comp being dead during the entirety of the Scourge event, making it impossible for me to get that armor for my toons, is probably the biggest rage inducing moment of my time in wow...

That doesn't involve another player.
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