Comic 100 - It All Started With The Moon

24th Dec 2014, 2:48 PM in Gnomeregan Forever Extras
It All Started With The Moon
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Trigonometry 24th Dec 2014, 2:48 PM edit delete
What is a year?

Is it just a milepost we pass by on our trip through life or is it more like a island that we may someday revisit?

For that matter, what is time? We live our lives in it. It definitely affects everything we observe. We divide it up.

However, we can't observe it objectively. No one has ever discovered a time particle or wave. You can't point at it and say that's what time looks like.
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Tikky Lightweave 28th Dec 2014, 12:19 PM edit delete reply
A year is a group of about 365 days, that someone decided to put a start and an end to. To help measure time passing by. Thing is... many people take this too seriously.

Take birthdays, for example. Some people get one year older on their birthday. Judging from their reaction, i'm quite certain that aging a whole year in one shot, like that, hurts. When i tell them that, on my birthday, i'm only one day older than the day before, they look at me funny. But it's true!

A year is just a bunch of days lumped up together to mark time. Never let them gang up on you. You're only one day older than the day before, always.

Oh, and i did try to point to a chronotron, the other day, but by the time i had pointed it out to others, time had passed, so it was gone. So what does time look like? It looks like that thing that went by but was gone before you could see it.
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